The House Challenge was my response to the miserable condition of the homeless families of my students. After my formation and a training course in teaching, I was sent to Kerala to teach in our schools, although I wanted to be a full-time social worker. But as an obedient nun, I entered the education ministry. I tried to use various creative methods to be an effective teacher. One of them was visiting my students' families after class hours.

I found out that many students came from very poor families. I was shocked to see my girls living in one-room tenements that provided them little privacy. They lived without dignity and security. I was disturbed and distressed. Many people in the coastal areas of Kerala suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction, and the most vulnerable victims are women and children.

The main purpose of education is the integral and holistic development of every student. I realized these students cannot attain this objective without some basic facilities in life. One cannot grow with self-confidence and dignity living in such pathetic conditions. It made me search for solutions.

In 2012, I started House Challenge based on the principles of early Christian communities who had a strong sense of care and concern for each other, and they provided mutual spiritual and material support and shared between the haves and have-nots.